About us

The tanks wash in Panevezys is a division of JSC "SITRA ", a subsidiary of the Belgian company SITRA Holding.

To learn more about SITRA group, please visit the website www.sitra-group.com

The station in Panevezys started activities in May 2014.

SITRA has much experience in the field of washing tanks. Analogous SITRA wash has been operating in Sailly-sur-la-Lys, France for more than 20 years.

SITRA is cooperating closely with major European food producers. Improved and advanced washing equipment installed in the new station, will satisfy the most demanding customer needs.

The wash facility contains three washing lanes for internal tank wash and one washing lane for external cleaning.

We employ highly skilled professionals, who have undergone internships in the largest wash stations in France.

We responsibly adhere to the highest quality and environmental standards. For the cleaning process we use only eco-friendly detergents. We also take care of an appropriate sewage disposal.

For each tank we select an individual washing program. We issue the wash quality verification certificates, recognized by major European food companies.

In the wash facility the drivers can take a shower, use the toilet and wireless internet free of charge. They can also have a coffee or tea.

SITRA trademark is the highest quality guarantee!

Opening hours:

I-V 06:00 – 18:00


J. Janonio street 11, 35101 Panevezys

+370 45 441315

Mob.: +370 616 98157 (station manager)